Circuit Design

We have the right expertise to secure your competitive advantage with our circuit design services delivered for your company.


Our circuit design engineers perform a wide array of processes based on quality attributes that optimize the performance of circuit designs.

From specifications analysis, planning, design reviews up to results sign-off, our team of experts supports your project roadmap.


Complement your team’s skills with our team’s circuit design capability and accelerate your product’s time to market.

Our circuit design team is a leader in the development of Foundation IP, ALU, RAM, DDR, HBM and SerDes circuits. We have solid experience in standard IC design methodology with functional simulation and analysis, PPA analysis including design for reliability.

AMS/Analog Design: Schematics, Testbench, Simulations

Digital Design: Standard cell and I/O development


You are assured of the best possible performance of your design with our team’s knowledge in the effects of layout on design including matching, reliability, proximity effects, shielding and ESD.

Our design engineers work effectively with IC layout engineers as we have understanding in transistor level layout and verification.

Having one of the strongest integrated circuit design teams in the industry,

our engineers work hand-in-hand with our clients to add value to our services while leveraging on the significant experience of our engineers to deliver customer success in a dynamic and open environment.

Since its inception, Xinyx has established solid client relationships with major companies in North America, Europe and Asia. With firm commitment to Service Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork, Xinyx is committed to build long term relationships with clients by supplying innovative and cost-effective solutions to support their product roadmap.

Other Services

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