Senior Analog IC Layout Engineer



Bachelor or above degree in ECE, EE or CpE
Underwent OJT with Xinyx or equivalent training on IC layout
Background in analog/mixed signal circuit design, power management, solid state devices
Ability to work in a dynamic, cross-functional and cross-site team
IC layout experience is a plus
Any experience with EDA tools

Senior Level

4 years experience in Full Custom IC Layout activities including but not limited to Analog Design and Custom layout; Standard cell to top-level routing and Block level to Top level floorplanning
Experienced in Analog RF, Custom analog mixed-signal, Digital Design Techniques and complex logic.
Experienced in cell to block level placement, top level floorplanning, cell to top level routing and verifications.
Experienced in Full chip floorplanning, routing, power management, integration, verifications and release flow.
Experienced in handling projects from start to finish and communicating with clients.
Strong analytical and decision making skills.
Ability to work in a dynamic cross-functional and cross-site global team is required.
Great communication and interpersonal skills.
Experienced with EDA tools.
Good documentation skills.