Released projects from 180nm down to the latest

technology node.

Key Services


Circuit Design
  • Standard cell library development
  • I/O development
  • Block-level simulations
Full-Custom Layout Design
  • Full chip layout development
  • Standard cell library development
  • I/O library development
  • Memory array development
  • PHY and overlay layout
  • Cell, block, macro layout integration
  • Cell level verification and design level verification
Design Verification & Characterization
  • Cell, block, macro-level sigma analysis
  • Standard cell and I/O library characterization
  • Digital design verification
Digital Design Implementation
  • ICC – ICCII, Innovus
  • Timing analysis, Sign-off checks

Business Model

Our team is highly adept in the use of multiple EDA tools and has the experience of working on numerous technology processes. With our highly skilled talent pool, we can offer our clients unmatched flexibility to help them launch their innovative products in the market.


Turnkey Project

 Take full responsibility for milestone deliveries (kick-off to tape out) within an agreed schedule.

Staff Augmentation

Ready source of engineers, with skills that are needed, in a required timeframe.

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